7 Twitter Strategy Insights from Top Twitter Creators

An ideal Twitter marketing strategy for businesses is a well-curated plan based on creating and publishing content for the audience on Twitter. They could be your existing or potential customers, suppliers, or business partners.

7 Twitter Strategy Insights from Top Twitter Creators
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An ideal Twitter marketing strategy for businesses is a well-curated plan based on creating and publishing content for the audience on Twitter. Your audience on Twitter is your followers or people following a trend related to your business. They could be your existing or potential customers, suppliers, or business partners.
The main aim behind a Twitter strategy for business is to attract more leads, boost conversions, and eventually increase sales.
In this article, we will discuss and analyze the strategy of top Twitter creators - making it easier for you to follow the best practices.

Showcasing Top Twitter Creators: A Look at The Best Tweets

Twitter has an impressive community of social media marketing professionals. These experts offer insights on AI tweets, Twitter marketing strategies, and how to hook your followers. Keep reading to learn about the strategies they've used in their best tweets.

Mike Stelzner – @Mike_Stelzner

Mike Stelzner uses his Twitter platform to motivate young entrepreneurs and drive traffic to his website. His tweets take a storytelling approach while still keeping the attention of Twitter users.
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For example, in this tweet, Mike tells a story that would typically be considered too long for Twitter. But since he starts with a thought-provoking question, he entices the reader to stay.
He keeps his tweets relatable by stating a common struggle: a lack of creativity. Then, he shares a solution – treating his brain like ChatGPT. Finally, he engages his audience with a simple CTA, asking about their experiences.
His three-step formula always works: present a problem, offer a solution, and end it with a CTA. Mike even talks about using AI tweet generators to curb your creator's block. In another tweet, he offers a similar solution in a visual format.
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J Ghergich - @SEO

AJ Ghergich's tweets include tips on content marketing and using Twitter AI generators to increase engagement. As an expert in his niche, he's able to share stats and insights to solidify his authority.
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For example, this tweet details his analysis of SEMRush's 2024 study. He includes six quick insights that get his message across with actionable tips and warnings.
AJ also keeps his hashtags simple and links to helpful studies. Doing your research to add 10-15 hashtags to each tweet is a thing of the past; even a couple of hashtags can increase your engagement by 21%. In fact, adding more than two hashtags decreases your Twitter engagement.
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Here's another example where he displays his expertise in a simple and concise way.

Mark Schaefer – @MarkWSchaefer

Mark Schaefer is a marketing strategist, so it only makes sense to turn to him for some social media marketing advice. Instead of giving it all away in his tweets, Mark takes a different approach.
He uses his platform to drive traffic to his website, Business Grow, where he talks about all things marketing. The tweets are simple, including the title of the article and a link to his blog.
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This simple approach is a pretty smart strategy, but only if you already have a Twitter following. Luckily, Mark Schaefer is a renowned TED keynote speaker, so his followers will definitely click the link and engage with this tweet.
Even with his simple and unassuming tweets, Mark is able to retain his 166K+ following. That's because Twitter content with visuals will get you 94% more views.

Amy Porterfield – @AmyPorterfield

Amy Portfield shares most of her marketing expertise on her website and podcast. Much like Mark Schaefer, Twitter is a way for her to drive traffic to her main channels. Even as a secondary channel, Amy does a great job retaining her 150K following.
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Her approach involves posting motivational quotes for entrepreneurs. Not only are her visuals eye-catching, but content like this also garners many more likes and retweets. Plus, it establishes her authority in the field of marketing.
In fact, her tweets with images and quotes have the most engagement on her profile.
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On the other hand, she humanizes her account by sharing announcements in video form. Twitter users watch over 2 billion videos on the platform every day, so it's the best way for her to share that she'll be hosting a live chat.

Jason Falls – @JasonFalls

Jason Falls takes a more current approach with his Twitter content. Since he's also a podcast host, he shares the episodes' launches with his 93.8K following.
Instead of simply asking his followers to check out the newest podcast, he gives them a glimpse into what to expect.
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For example, here, he asks a question that hooks aspiring content creators. Then, he entices them to listen to the podcast by introducing a term his followers may not have heard before: media properties. Finally, he gets another expert on the line to make his advice even more credible.
That's enough to make his followers visit his link. Still, he adds a few relevant hashtags to expand his reach.
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Here's another tweet where he takes a similar approach.

Neil Patel – @NeilPatel

Neil Patel is easily one of the biggest names in the marketing world (rightfully so). His followers trust his advice because he has the statistics to back everything he tweets.
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Consider this tweet, where he asks a simple question that may not have been answered yet. But as a digital marketer, Neil knows that infographics are the most shared type of content on social media. So, he presents his survey's findings in simple bar graphs.
Of course, he leverages the value of visual content in most of his tweets. But his expertise is why he can also get away with longer tweets with no images, videos, or hashtags.
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This tweet is over 1500+ characters, but it still has impressively high engagement. That's because it's packed with value and actionable tips. By the end of the tweet, the reader is confident about writing AI prompts.

Madalyn Sklar – @MadalynSklar

Around 79% of marketers are utilizing Twitter Spaces, and Madalyn Sklar is one of them.
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Sklar shares her social media marketing tips with a much more conversational and engaging approach. Her tweets are simply announcements for her upcoming Spaces. Since the Space is available as a recording once it's no longer live, there's always room for more engagement.
She also uses a simple, personalized hashtag to make her Twitter Spaces more accessible.
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In other tweets, Madalyn shares her favorite social media marketing tools.

Analyzing the Strategies of Top Twitter Creators

Anyone who wants to thrive on Twitter must study the practices of the platform's most successful. It provides invaluable insights into content creation, engagement, and audience connection.
For example, they'll tell you when and how often to tweet for maximum engagement. At least 92% of the top companies on Twitter tweet more than once a day.
Plus, studying their Twitter strategies will help you learn what type of tweets appeal most to users. Tweets with visual content are almost always successful, getting 55% more engagement than those without.
Besides learning about the DOs of Twitter, this will also help you learn about the DON'Ts. One look at their tweets with the least engagement will tell you everything you need to avoid.
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For example, this tweet by Neil Patel has only 8K views, which is low compared to his 100K-200K average. Unlike his other tweets, the opener is vague and unengaging. That means your tweet openers need to be direct and conversational.
We noticed a pattern after studying hundreds of tweets from Twitter's top creators. Most of their social media strategies have certain traits that open doors for success, including:
  • Value-driven Content: All these content creators focus on providing value to their audience. Whether through motivational stories, expert insights, statistics, or practical tips, their tweets aim to get the message across with zero fluff.
  • Engagement Through Storytelling: Many creators, like Neil Patel and Mike Stelzner, use storytelling to make their tweets more engaging. It begins with a problem, leads to a solution, and ends with a CTA.
  • Using Visuals: Even on a text-centered platform like Twitter, visual content is king. Hook your viewers with relevant images, GIFs, videos, infographics, and audio. It's the best way to make business-related Twitter content more digestible.
  • Strategic Use of Hashtags: Hashtags aren't as crucial as they used to be, but they're not obsolete. Creators like AJ Ghergich keep their hashtags simple, acknowledging that too many can affect engagement.
  • External Links: If you have an opportunity to link to an external channel (i.e., your website, YouTube channel, etc.), take it. Content creators like Mark Schaefer and Amy Porterfield use Twitter to drive more traffic to their websites or other main channels.
  • Establishing Authority: Creators like AJ Ghergich and Neil Patel can thank their expertise in the field for their large following. They use data, analysis, and insights to solidify their authority and credibility.
  • Platform Features: Jason Falls integrates Twitter's features, like polls and threads, to make his tweets more interactive. Meanwhile, Madalyn Sklar utilizes Twitter Spaces to interact with her followers on a personal level. This adaptability keeps their content dynamic and engaging.


A solid Twitter strategy will give you leverage in a competitive social media market. The top content creators on the platform are raking in millions of views; there's a reason why. By studying their content strategies, you'll learn how to optimize yours.
But your tweeting strategy doesn't just end with research. The best content creators are leveraging the power of AI, and you should, too. Try Postwise for free and plan 30 days of Twitter content in no time.

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