How to Write Tweets with AI? A Guide for Content Creators

re you struggling to come up with new and exciting tweets for your Twitter account? Have you considered outsourcing some of the work to an AI tool? Keep reading to discover how to leverage AI to write high-quality tweets:

How to Write Tweets with AI? A Guide for Content Creators
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Are you struggling to come up with new and exciting tweets for your Twitter account?
Millions of people use Twitter actively, posting fresh content every second. It can be challenging to come up with fresh, exciting things to say in this sea of tweets. But have you considered outsourcing some of the work to an AI tool?
With limited resources, these tools can inspire you to create more engaging and authentic ideas.. Intrigued? Keep reading to discover how to leverage AI to write high-quality tweets.

Choosing the right AI tweet generator

Selecting an AI tweet generator is a make-or-break decision because it directly impacts your brand reputation and social media strategy.
AI tools increase your Twitter visibility and engagement by maintaining consistency and post frequency. A steady flow of gripping, diverse content keeps followers curious and wondering what’s yet to come. AI-generated content can be analyzed for valuable insights to incorporate in your digital strategies.
But if poorly selected, your AI tweet generator might create impersonal or inauthentic content. These generated tweets could also be inaccurate, inappropriate or biased leading to reputational damage.
Here are some essential factors to consider when evaluating a viral tweet generator:


Is the AI tweet generator based on a custom AI model or a pre-trained language model like OpenAI’s GPT-3 or GPT-4?
Some generators, like Postwise, use a custom AI model to learn your content style, sentiments, context, and language nuances. It adjusts the generated tweets accordingly to create fluff-free, engaging, and authentic tweets that sound like you!
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Pre-trained AI can't be tailored to your specific needs, unlike custom models. However, they generalize well and can expand on basic ideas and topics for your Tweets and threads.


The most crucial factor to consider is the quality of generated tweets.
Do they align with your tone and writing style?
Or are they generic and irrelevant to your target audience?
Test the AI with multiple sample inputs to see how it responds to your prompts.

Costs and Scalability

Some platforms charge high upfront and maintenance costs instead of subscriptions. This depends on their underlying AI and customization options.
Consider an AI Tweet generator that first your budget and scales well with your needs. As a content creator, your priority should be a growing social media presence. Your Tweet generator should be able to handle these increased Tweet volumes without compromising their quality.
Most platforms, including Postwise, offer flexible monthly plans that scale up as per your needs. Our affordable basic plan includes 5 connected accounts, 400 AI Tweet credits, and 6 months of scheduling for $37. This is ideal for beginners who have just begun their content creation journey.

Ease-of-Use and Customization

The AI Tweet generator you select should be easy to navigate, even for non-tech-savvy users. Look for features like scheduling and auto-retweets that streamline tweet generation.
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A platform that allows customization means it can generate tweets or Threads that align with your voice. Twitter users are looking for real-time and consistent connections facilitated by customizations.
A viral Tweet generator can cater to both beginners and seasoned Tweeters. Postwise is a flexible AI Tweet generator that offers advanced features like a dedicated AI GhostWriter that analyzes previous tweets for non-robotic, authentic content. It also offers GrowthTools, auto-Retweets, and a flexible AI writer for instant tweet and thread generation. However, its simple, intuitive interface makes it ideal for tweeters of all levels looking for instant engagement.
If you require an all-in-one AI writing tool that covers all your social media content creation needs on multiple platforms, Jasper AI and SocialBee are other options. But these apps aren't Twitter-specialized and don't offer customization.

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Tweets with AI

After selecting your AI tweet generator, you must set up your account and learn how to use the interface.

Register on the Chosen Platform

If you don’t already have an account, sign up for your chosen platform. Most apps like Postwise directly integrate with your Twitter (or LinkedIn) account. They require authorization permissions to access previous tweets, post on your behalf, evaluate your followers, etc. Postwise also needs permission to reply, retweet and delete tweets for you:
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User Interface

Redirect back to the AI Tweet generator. Typically, their home page is their AI writing assistant through which you can create Tweets and Threads. Locate the menu tab to explore what the interface has to offer.
Most AI tweet generator tools combine powerful AI language models with the simplicity of Twitter’s API. Get a feel for its interface by reading about its features and how it can assist you with Twitter engagement. Consider signing up for a free trial to get a first-hand feel of the tool.
If you're considering Postwise, here are 400 AI credits on us to help you get started.

Key Features

Every app’s key features differ. But an AI tweet generator tool should include the following:
  • Tweet Composition: Draft and post tweets and threads directly from the platform.
  • AI integration: Their AI features should seamlessly integrate with their interface. Users should be able to generate Tweets quickly based on their prompts. The interface should also allow draft edits so you can tweak generated tweets.
  • Character count: Twitter has a 280-character limit that should be followed by the AI tool. If you are creating threads, the app should connect each tweet to the next so your followers can easily follow through each part.
  • Tone and Style Customization: Some tools allow you to customize the AI’s tone and writing style to align with your social media goals. For example, Postwise’s Ghostwriter analyzes previous tweets to ensure future content mirrors you.
  • Scheduling: Some interfaces, like Postwise, allow tweet scheduling. You can select specific times and dates from the app to optimize posting for maximum engagement.

Creating Tweets and Threads

Through the text editor, users can compost instant tweets and threads. Enter specific prompts like your thoughts and ideas.
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The AI tweet generator will create multiple real-time suggestions that can be modified for your feed. These tweets can be used as your content or to enhance existing tweets for additional depth:
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Some tools also offer AI-suggested topics based on old Tweets. Select a tweet or thread that catches your eye, add it to your favorites, or instantly schedule it to go up on your timeline. Through the text editor, you can also access growth tools like Auto Retweets, Auto plugs once you hit your likes number goal, or a thread spreader to add a natural delay between posts:
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Enhancing Tweets with AI Suggestions

AI can suggest alternative phrases, improvements, and complementary content to make your tweets more engaging. Some platforms include grammar, syntax, and error corrections to ensure your content is error-free.
Platforms like Postwise include AI-generated suggestions based on your topics of interest. These suggestions can give you a much-needed creativity boost and fresh perspectives you never thought about before:
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Customization Options

Once their content is finalized, users can adapt their tweet's tone adapting it to formal, casual, professional, or humorous. This ensures that generated tweets align with your intent.
Other customization options include a topic or theme preference for targeting, language, or vocabulary adaptations to make content more straightforward. You can also specify keywords to reach a broader audience.

Inspiration Libraries and Viral Tweets Database

Specific AI tweet generator tools maintain libraries of previous top-performing tweets and drafts for easy access and reposting. Platforms like Postwise include a viral tweets database for inspiration and insight into successful tweet strategies. You can use these to enhance your tweet quality and impact.
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Best practices to maintain a human touch in AI-generated tweets

AI-generated tweets save time, improve quality, and increase engagement. However, they lack the human touch necessary to ensure content is unique and accurate.
Overreliance on an AI tweet generator can lead to robotic and generic tweets that lack emotions and context. Sometimes, these tweets are also out of touch with current events or inappropriate in specific contexts.
For example, we asked ChatGPT-3 to generate Tweets on the latest Barbie movie release. It generated:
“The Barbie Movie is here to captivate your imagination and bring smiles to faces of all ages.”
“The Barbie Movie is a magical escape into a world of fantasy and friendship. 💫 #BarbieMovie”
These tweets lack personal insight and don't reflect your feelings about the movie. For instance, you could add childhood memories of playing with the doll or how Barbie empowers women to be whoever and whatever they desire.
Sometimes, AI can generate content that is incorrect, confusing, or misinterprets facts. Always proofread and fact-check AI tweets. For example, AI-generated this tweet:
"Wow, just heard the news about the meteor shower tonight! 🌠 They say it'll be raining stars and diamonds! 💎 Can't wait for this incredible celestial event! #MeteorShower"
This tweet misguided readers that a meteor contains stars and diamonds, which is incorrect.
Blend AI with human creativity to avoid these mishaps to make your tweets more unique and personal. Add catchy taglines, inject humor or relatable examples that make your content more relevant.
Remember, AI is a tool to enhance content creation, but it can't entirely replace the human touch.


An AI tweet generator can offer many advantages if you find the right tool that fits your needs. The integration of AI empowers Tweeters by streamlining content creation and various customization options.
Leveraging viral tweet generators can help you master the art of engagement and compelling content. However, it's essential to remember AI can't replace human creativity or judgment. Strike a balance between your unique input and AI-generated suggestions to get the best of both worlds.
And if you want to have an on-demand AI Ghostwriter in your team, here are 400 free Postwise credits. Hope you’ll have a great time using AI to multiply your content output!

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