9 LinkedIn Carousel Templates to Maximize LinkedIn Growth

A LinkedIn carousel is a multi-slide post that offers a dynamic way to present information. It's more than just a post; it's a narrative tool, engaging viewers with a swipe-through experience.

9 LinkedIn Carousel Templates to Maximize LinkedIn Growth
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Standing out on LinkedIn is a common challenge professionals face. Users can often miss out on traditional posts, leading you to missed opportunities for engagement and visibility.
This is where the power of LinkedIn carousels comes into play, transforming how professionals showcase their work, ideas, and insights.
A LinkedIn carousel is a multi-slide post that offers a dynamic way to present information. It's more than just a post; it's a narrative tool, engaging viewers with a swipe-through experience.
LinkedIn designs have transformed how professionals share content on the platform. These multi-slide posts allow for a richer, more engaging storytelling experience. Why are they so effective?
With their interactive nature, LinkedIn carousels encourage more engagement than static posts. They transform passive scrolling into an interactive journey.
You can invite your audience to dive deeper into your content, enhancing your visibility. So, LinkedIn carousel designs have become significantly popular among professionals.
Also, more and more professionals use LinkedIn carousel templates every day. These templates offer a unique blend of visual appeal and narrative depth.
The beauty of a LinkedIn carousel post template lies also in its versatility. You can showcase a portfolio, present data, or share insights more effectively with carousels.
You can prepare your LinkedIn carousel with templates that you can customize, from business presentations to creative portfolios.
The simplicity of these templates answers how to do a carousel post on LinkedIn. They come with guidelines and design cues to help you create compelling content.
Choosing the proper LinkedIn carousel templates is critical to best use this power. So, we will explore nine free LinkedIn carousel templates that can elevate your LinkedIn presence.

The Professional Portfolio Template

LinkedIn's Professional Portfolio Template showcases career achievements, skills, and projects for professionals. Various industries will benefit from this template's clean lines and subtle color palette.
Ideal for: Highlighting professional milestones, skill sets, and project portfolios.
Features: Clean typography and muted colors keep the focus on your content with its design.
Tip: Include high-quality images to make your narrative visually appealing. It improves aesthetic appeal and substantiates your professional accomplishments.

The Industry Insight Template

You can tailor The Industry Insight Template for thought leaders and experts. It helps you communicate industry trends, insights, and expert opinions in a more engaging way.
Ideal for: Sharing thought-provoking content, industry analysis, or trend forecasts.
Features: This design offers data visualization with charts, graphs, and infographics. It helps you break down complex information into digestible visual formats.
Tip: Combine insightful text with graphical elements for an informative carousel. You can boost your post’s engagement by reinforcing your message.

The Educational Content Template

Educators and content creators will enjoy the versatility of the Educational Content Template – a structured and engaging way to deliver tutorials, guides, and other educational material.
Ideal for: Conveying instructional content, educational insights, or how-to guides.
Features: The template presents information logically, thanks to its step-by-step layout. Its easy-to-read format enhances the learning experience.
Tip: Use bullet points and numbered lists to break down complex concepts. This technique retains the viewer's attention and enhances their understanding.

The Personal Story Template

The Personal Story Template on LinkedIn is an effective way to share personal narratives or career milestones. You can create an emotional connection with your audience using this template.
Ideal for: Sharing personal journeys, life-changing experiences, or significant career achievements.
Feature: It integrates engaging visuals that complement your narrative. With this template, you can weave your story with words and images.
Tip: Keep your story authentic and relatable. Personal anecdotes or lessons learned can make your content more engaging and memorable. This approach helps in building a deeper connection with your audience.

The Business Proposal Template

You can use the Business Proposal Template for presenting business plans or pitching ideas. It can convey complex business concepts clearly and compellingly.
Ideal for: Introducing new business ideas, proposals, or strategic plans.
Features: A professional and structured design facilitates presenting business concepts. Its layout is conducive to organizing and highlighting key business propositions.
Tip: Use bold text and icons to emphasize crucial points. Your proposal is more easily understood and retained when highlighting essential points.

The Creative Showcase Template

You will love this LinkedIn carousel post template if you are an artist, designer, or creative professional. It highlights creative work in a visually striking and dynamic manner.
Ideal for: Displaying art, design projects, or creative portfolios.
Features: The vibrant and visually dynamic layout emphasizes the visual aspect of your creative work.
Tip: Let your creative work be the focal point. Minimize text and let the visuals speak for themselves. Your creativity will capture your audience's attention.

The Testimonial Template

Among LinkedIn carousel designs, the Testimonial Template is a powerful tool. For building trust and credibility, it highlights positive reviews and testimonials.
Ideal for: Showcasing customer satisfaction, client feedback, or expert endorsements.
Features: The template is quote-focused and minimalistic, making testimonials the focal point. The clean and uncluttered design draws attention to your endorsers' words.
Tip: Use authentic testimonials to enhance your credibility. You can improve your LinkedIn reputation with genuine client and expert feedback.

The Event Recap Template

Using LinkedIn carousels, summarize key moments from conferences, webinars, and workshops. This template helps encapsulate the essence of an event in an engaging way.
Ideal for: Perfect for recapping events, sharing seminar insights, or describing workshops.
Features: You can organize your content logically with its chronological layout. The template provides ample space for images and text, enabling a comprehensive recap.
Tip: Include key takeaways or memorable quotes from the event. It both provides value to your audience and captures the essence of the event.

The Interactive Q&A Template

LinkedIn's Interactive Q&A Template engages your audience directly via a carousel ad. It’s ideal for hosting FAQ sessions or interactive Q&A rounds.
Ideal for: Answering frequently asked questions or conducting informative Q&A sessions.
Features: You can invite your audience to interact with question-focused content design. The carousel encourages audience participation, making it more than a passive read.
Tip: End each carousel with a question to encourage responses. LinkedIn profile engagement also fosters a sense of community.

Crafting Compelling Copy for Your LinkedIn Carousels with Postwise

Embarking on your LinkedIn carousel journey can seem challenging, but it becomes a breeze with a bit of help from AI tools like Postwise.
Let's walk through the process of crafting an engaging LinkedIn carousel where creativity meets Postwise AI’s efficiency.
notion image
With free graphic design services like Canva, you can design striking slides without paying for a subscription. Pick the LinkedIn carousel aspect ratio and browse the endless free and premium templates.
Once you find the template you wish to use, remove all text and add your own. Can't think of what to write? Let Postwise save the day.
notion image
Sign up using your LinkedIn or Twitter account to use Postwise's AI Thread Generator to craft your carousel content.
One AI-generated tweet is one slide of your carousel. When you open the AI Writer tab, click Thread instead of Single to create the content for an entire carousel in one go.
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Enter your topic into the AI Writer field, Postwise will create six relevant threads (carousels). The tool will even offer suggestions. Then, it's as easy as picking the tweet that serves as the most compelling first slide.
For example, if your topic is "The Power of Networking," you'll have six different carousel openings that can hook your audience.
Choose the one with the best hook, then click Create AI Thread.
notion image
After adding the text to the images in Canva, you can post your LinkedIn carousel immediately or schedule them for later. Remember that you will need to download the images as a PDF file for carousels.
Now, switch your account from Twitter to LinkedIn by clicking the three dots at the bottom left of your screen.
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Select your LinkedIn account.
notion image
Now click on the pencil icon at the bottom right of your screen and choose your PDF file by clicking on the “Add an Image” option.
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Just as it allows you to schedule 30 days of Twitter content, Postwise also lets you schedule months of LinkedIn posts. It will also display free slots when you can reach active users.
You can also use the Grow feature to activate certain actions once your carousel has a specific number of likes or interactions.
This keeps your LinkedIn presence active and engaging without making any manual effort.
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LinkedIn's digital era requires more than traditional posts. You can showcase your content engagingly and interactively with LinkedIn carousels.
LinkedIn Carousel Templates present information in a structured and visual way. LinkedIn carousel designs are for general posts and LinkedIn carousel ads. Making a carousel on LinkedIn is straightforward and effective with them.
Sign up for a free Postwise trial now and get 120 free AI credits to enhance your carousel creation further. Your LinkedIn carousels will be seen with this tool's engaging content aligned perfectly with the template.

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