How To Find Viral Twitter Threads? Full Guide

How To Find Viral Twitter Threads? Full Guide
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Have you ever realized how fast the Twitter feed changes? It has become challenging to keep track of all of the viral threads and interesting conversations that you can participate in and take inspiration from.
Yet, there are several useful tricks to catch up with the viral Twitter threads. We will cover them in this article so you will not miss out on any chances to get inspired to create viral content.

Using Advanced Search Features

Twitter has a little-known advanced search tool. It is one of the best ways to find viral Twitter threads about the topics you’re interested in.
The advanced search feature can help you find Twitter threads with useful information, tips, and tricks and get inspired to create content that resonates with your audience. Let’s explore the steps.
The Advanced Search tool operates only on the Twitter website. You should visit Advanced Search to use it.
To access this address, you can enter the desired keyword into the search bar and then use the settings button next to it to find the Advanced Search option.
Although you can not use Advanced Search on the mobile app, you can visit Mobile Advanced Search using your phone’s web browser.

Operating Twitter’s Advanced Search Tool

It may take time to get familiar with navigating the tool for first-time users. Twitter’s Advanced Search requires several fields to fill out, but it is worth spending time on. It is a robust search tool that you can greatly benefit from. Here is how:
You can determine which keywords you want and don’t want to see in your search results. It makes the process much faster. Here are the fields to consider:
  • All of these words: You can type in more than one word and reach the tweets including these words. You do not have to write the words in a particular order.
You can also type in multiple phrases using quotations, such as “influencer marketing” and “social media marketing”.
  • This exact phrase: You want to use only one word or phrase in this field. It is the most effective way to use when you search for names.
  • Any of these words: You can find all profiles, hashtags, or post results with this field. Search for multiple terms in different forms, such as “@TryPostwise”, “#postwise”, or “Postwise”.
  • None of these words: You will not see the results that contain the words you type in this field.
  • These hashtags: Find only hashtag results with your keyword, such as #Postwise.
  • Language: You can find tweets in many languages by filling out this field.
  • Searching people and accounts: You can limit your search results according to the profiles that post them. Here are the fields you can use:
  • From these accounts: This will give you the results from only one account, such as “tweeted by @TryPostwise”.
  • To these accounts: You will find tweets posted as replies to an account, such as “in reply to @TryPostwise”.
  • Mentioning these accounts: Your results will contain tweets that mention your specific search, such as “tweets that include @TryPostwise”.
  • Searching for a specific date: You can find a tweet posted on a particular date or in a date range using this field.
  • From this date to this date: Find out what people think about a specific campaign or topic while trending. You can reach old tweets you miss using the date field.
You can also find tips below that Twitter suggests for advanced search queries.
notion image

Leveraging Third-Party Tools

You can use third-party tools to filter and catch up with the latest trends and viral threads on Twitter. Various third-party tools are available for discovering hot topics and discussions on the platform.
These tools also provide insights and metrics that Twitter does not offer. You can improve your Twitter experience, focus on your primary goal on the platform, and build an effective strategy using these top-rated third-party tools.
Let’s explore four of them and how they can provide additional insights or metrics unavailable on Twitter.


Postwise is an advanced generative artificial intelligence tool for social media ghostwriting. It helps you craft excellent tweets or threads. You can prepare your Twitter content, schedule them, integrate your other social media accounts, and grow your audience with Postwise.
Besides ensuring your content’s consistency and high quality, Postwise keeps you inspired by tons of well-performing content examples, such as viral Twitter threads.
Postwise identifies viral Twitter threads with its advanced search capabilities, offering a faster process for discovering the most popular discussions on Twitter.
It also offers sentiment analysis, engagement data, trending topics, and detailed user analytics. So, you can have a comprehensive perspective regarding the context, sentiment, and impact of these viral Twitter threads.
If you need viral Twitter thread content, try Postwise for free. It will help you create it, sounding just like you. You can also get 120 AI credits on Postwise.
Learning about your niche, style, interests, and related topics, Postwise will save you time and money by inspiring you with the best quality Twitter content that resonates with your audience.

Thread Hunt

Thread Hunt is another platform to help you discover and write Twitter threads. It can show you threads that have gained attention and engaged with a large mass on Twitter.
Thread Hunt can provide collections of threads to discover the most trending and impactful discussions on Twitter. As it focuses on curating viral threads, it may not provide additional insights or metrics.
This platform can save you time collecting and showcasing viral Twitter threads based on its algorithm and your engagement with it.

Awesome Thread

Awesome Thread curates and shares viral Twitter threads across various categories. It features threads covering diverse topics, such as books, marketing, and career tips, making it a neat resource for discovering viral content on Twitter.
Its strength is identifying threads offering unique and valuable insights. It primarily serves as a curator but excels in introducing users to exceptional threads without searching for them.
As another helpful feature, Awesome Thread offers you weekly newsletters updating on new viral Twitter threads. You can also select a random mode, which may surprise you with a new hot topic.

Thread Readers

Thread Readers is a tool that helps users read and share Twitter threads in a more reader-friendly format. It presents threads as a single post, making it easier to grasp the main points and insights within the conversation.
While Thread Readers primarily focuses on improving the reading experience, it can also show you which threads others save on Twitter using Thread Readers.
It also offers a Discover section within the application. You can browse the related topics to your niche and research the latest attention-grabbing discussions using this feature.
Lastly, you can save Twitter threads as PDFs using Thread Readers. So, you will be able to access the threads even if the owner removes them from Twitter.

Analyzing Engagement Metrics

You need a strong understanding of how to analyze the engagement metrics of Twitter. It is the core of identifying viral Twitter threads and crafting a social media strategy to reach a broader audience.
Let us explore how engagement metrics such as retweets, likes, and replies can serve as indicators of a viral Twitter thread and offer insights on how to analyze them effectively.
Firstly, you should define why these metrics matter. Retweets, likes, and replies build your online presence and engagement with the audience and maintain its consistent growth.
You can also consider other metrics, such as follower count and reach, to increase the possibility of your thread going viral. While follower count contributes to your thread’s virality, the reach of a tweet shows how many unique users have seen it.
These metrics ensure three significant aspects of your content:
  • Resonance: The more likes, retweets, and replies your threads receive on Twitter, the stronger the bond they create with your audience gets. The content resonating with its audience will keep bringing new followers along.
  • Audience Feedback: These metrics allow you to receive direct feedback from your audience. While likes and retweets show appreciation, replies can richen the conversation and express counterarguments, which is invaluable for fine-tuning your content.
  • Discoverability: Threads that reach a crowd are more discoverable on Twitter. As they are more likely to appear in the timelines of users who do not follow you, their reach potentially goes viral.
When analyzing these metrics, here are the steps to understand your audience’s behavior and intent so that you can craft content that resonates with them:
  • Content Analysis: You should examine the profiles of users interacting with your or others’ viral threads. Try to understand interests, demographics, and online behavior. So you can align your content with their preferences.
  • Optimizing Posting-Frequency: Pay close attention to days and times when Twitter threads perform best. You can adjust your schedules and patterns according to this prime time to catch the maximum reach.
  • Adapting Content Formats: Research which formats generate more engagement. Is it a text, image, or other media that resonates best with your audience? While analyzing this, you should take your product/service into consideration.
  • Using Hashtags and Keywords: Identify specific hashtags and keywords that boost likes, retweets, and replies that viral threads get. This will enhance your discoverability to reach a broader audience interested in your topic.
  • Finding The Right Tone of Voice: You should assess the tone of voice of viral Twitter threads. So you can categorize the messages that tweets convey to the audience. Does humor work best, or do inspirational messages get resonance?
  • Engaging with Your Followers: This is vital to crafting viral Twitter threads. Answer the questions followers ask, respond or react to the appreciating replies, and show that you acknowledge their feedback. So you can build a sense of community.
  • Aligning Your Strategy: You should use the insights you gain from your analysis to set clear goals. What do you aim for? Is it promotion of a product or driving traffic to your website? Considering the steps above, you should align your research with your ultimate goal.


Finding viral Twitter threads is possible when you are an active part of the conversation on the platform. It requires connecting with trending topics and engaging with influential discussions.
You can use features of Twitter to find viral threads, as well as third-party tools that can filter and present you with the threads that have gained significant attention and are related to your specific preferences.
You should leverage the Advanced Search feature of Twitter to reach viral threads that align with your interest, target audience, and the message you want to convey.
Consider using third-party tools such as Postwise that help you catch up with the trend topics and the most influential conversations. Postwise also crafts viral Twitter threads for you in seconds.
So, it is the best time to sign up for Postwise and get 120 AI credits on us. Hire your AI Ghostwriter and watch your high-quality Twitter threads reach the masses.

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