Top 50 LinkedIn Creators Talking about Marketing to Follow in 2024

Whether you are a newbie or an expert marketer, you know that staying ahead of the latest trends and strategies is key to remaining relevant. The best marketers share a passion for learning through personal reflection or exposure to cutting-edge research. The following LinkedIn creators will help you smash your goals with their unique marketing approaches.

Top 50 LinkedIn Creators Talking about Marketing to Follow in 2024
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Whether you are a newbie or an expert marketer, you know that staying ahead of the latest trends and strategies is key to remaining relevant. The best marketers share a passion for learning through personal reflection or exposure to cutting-edge research.
As such, it's always a good idea to keep tabs on the leading insight of other experts because marketing involves a lot of experimentation and trial and error. But, with so much noise within the industry, it can be challenging to identify which experts to follow.
The following LinkedIn creators will help you smash your goals with their unique marketing approaches.

Top 50 LinkedIn Influencers Talking About Marketing

Eric Huberman

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31,641 followers - Founder and CEO of Hawke Media
In addition to leading one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in the USA, Erik Huberman’s achievements include making it to Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” Inc. Magazine’s “Top 25 Influencers, and Biz America’s “Marketing Executive of the Year." Erik's LinkedIn is flooded with content focused on marketing pro tips, webinars, agency approaches, and how to achieve long-term digital success.

Luke Matthews

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103,799 followers – Lead Wizard & Ghostwriter at Wizard of ODD Marketing
Luke Matthews is an acclaimed copywriter and marketing pro who encourages other professionals to harness the power of creative media on LinkedIn. Luke’s profile and “The Newsletter with no Name” are excellent resources for marketers looking to push their limits. They include various posts and resources on how to grow your LinkedIn presence through eye-catching, humorous content that instantly gauges audience attention.

Mostafa ElBermawy

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4,968 followers – Founder and CEO of NoGood Marketing Consultancy
Mostafa ElBermawy is a seasoned SaaS and eCommerce growth engineer with over 14 years of experience in developing, scaling, and mentoring revenue/ user teams. He has worked with numerous VC startups and Fortune 100 brands like P&G, WeWork, ByteDance, and Microsoft to refine their marketing strategies using analysis and customized data-driven growth. His LinkedIn posts often explore the integration of AI in content creation, the evolution of social media platforms, and branding tips for growth hacking.

Aidan Brannigan

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12,797 followers – Creator at Workweek and The Marketing Millennials
Aidan Brannigan is all about disruptive content that has the potential to go viral. This is reflected in his colorful LinkedIn feed that boasts hilarious, sarcastic, yet relatable content, including memes and jokes. You can also find myth-busters, harsh realities about the marketing world, and quick tricks that help you reach optimal social growth. His content strategies reach millions of viewers per month as he scales various social media pages for brands, increasing followers by over 100%.

Lola Bakare

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25,589 followers – Owner/ CMO Advisor and Inclusive Marketing Strategist of be/co.
Lola Bakare is a LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing and Advertising, with her writing published in notable publications like Adweek, HBR, and Marketing Insider. Because of her experience in the front lines of MNCs like PepsiCo and Dell, she has served as an advisor for CMOs and a judge for leading marketing awards to deliver measurable marketing insights. Her LinkedIn profile reflects her keen eye for emerging talents and inclusive marketing. You can discover conversation-worthy posts and insider news that question existing marketing approaches.

Elene Verna

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80,503 followers - Interim Head of Growth at Dropbox, Program Creator and Partner at Reforge, and Advisor at Manychat, Clockwise,, and Loops.
Elena Verna is a marketing solopreneur who develops courses, provides consulting services, takes interim jobs, and makes angel investments. She has helped multiple B2B companies, including Netlify, Clockwise, MongoDB, and SurveyMonkey, with their growth and sales strategies to accelerate revenue through customer-centric approaches. In addition to her LinkedIn profile filled with satire and savvy posts that decode growth, she has her own marketing newsletter, Growth Scoop, where she shares tips on B2B marketing.

Colin McGuire

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1,668 followers – CEO of Boomn
Colin McGuire is a keynote speaker and author with expertise in client acquisition. His experience in buying and collaborating with businesses to ensure their success led to the creation of his direct-to-consumer growth agency, Boomn. Colin's team is responsible for several in-house brands, serving creative e-commerce marketing from forecasting to content creation, advertising, and marketing. His innovative ideas are shared across his LinkedIn posts, often resharing his articles for other publications like Forbes. You can also find his goals, failures, and other experiences in his posts.

John Hall

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54,034 followers – Investor and Advisor at
John Hall is a motivational sales and virtual keynote speaker who works across diverse business sectors. He is the mastermind behind the best-seller "Top of Mind," which explores how to invest your time effectively, as displayed in his visionary venture, He has been honored with the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award and as one of Business Journal's Top 100 Visionaries. John Hall also writes regular columns for numerous online publications, including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and Fortune. His LinkedIn is packed with posts and articles that help drive success through empathy and selflessness, with a focus on effective leadership and team-building practices.

Jacquie Chakirelis

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5,615 followers – Chief Digital Officer of Great Lakes Publishing, Director of Digital Media at Cleveland Magazine and Quest Digital.
Jacquie is one of the Top 50 Influential Women in Content Marketing, addressing issues in audience development, value positioning, GTM strategy, and actionable insight across different marketing roles. Her communication skills help her share her depth and diversity of experience as a featured speaker at Content Marketing World and other events. Her LinkedIn feed is reminiscent of these attributes as she regularly shares exciting content about community building, digital syndication, and women-in-marketing.

Ann Handley

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454,998 followers – Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs.
Ann Handley has been developing and managing digital content for over 20 years with the objective of fostering relationship-building. She is the author behind Wall Street Journal bestseller "Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide for Creating Ridiculously Good Content." Ann emphasizes the significance of engaging, valuable content that effectively communicates messages to followers or customers. Her LinkedIn profile is a valuable resource for successful campaigns that combine copywriting, content strategy, customer service, and social media.

Avinash Kaushik

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279,197 followers – Chief Strategy Officer at Croud
Avinash Kaushik is frequently hailed as the web analytics guru for internet decision-making. With over 15 years of experience as Google's Digital Marketing Evangelist and Strategist, he inspires people to outperform their competitors through their online presence. He has also held marketing roles at DHL, Silicon Graphics, and Intuit, helping industry leaders and executive teams leverage data to reinvent their digital presence. His proficiency is displayed through his accolades as Web Analytics Association's Most Influential Contributor and holder of the Founder's Award from Google. In addition to his position at leading universities, including the University of California and the University of Toronto, he shares first-hand opinions on leadership, account-based, performance marketing, and applied analytics through his LinkedIn profile.

Peter Shankman

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22,531 followers – Futurist in Residence at BluShark Digital and Founder of ShankMinds, Faster Than Normal Podcast, and HARO (Help a Reporter Out)
Peter Shankman shares a unique take on marketing through an ADHD-effected lens. His achievements include Mashable's People Choice Award for Social Utility, best-selling author of 6 books, and his HARO initiative that remains the world's most prominent free source repository. Peter is also a keynote speaker who emphasizes neurodiversity in the workplace and the importance of customer experience. His LinkedIn feed analyzes AI implications, productivity, SEO technologies, digital marketing, and mental health.

Renee Blodgett

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10,672 followers – CEO and Founder of Magic Sauce Media
Renee is a multifaceted marketing and PR expert who aligns individual higher purpose with campaign management. Her approach combines traditional and digital marketing to help brands reach a broad audience through their transformative content. Renee has also held the title of Forbes' 6th Most Influential Women, 2nd Top Social Media Influencer, and a co-curator at TEDxBerkely. She has helped many global businesses launch their ideas in the US while strategizing for B2B startups and tech giants. As a supplement to her work updates, her LinkedIn profile underscores her one-of-a-kind spiritual approach to marketing and PR.

Julian Shapiro

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21,681 followers, Founder at Demand Curve and StartupStartup Investor and
Before venturing into seed funding and acquisition, Julian Shapiro was a growth marketing engineer with experience in website building, UX, and training other professionals. He has worked with industry leaders like Microsoft, Tumblr, and Tovola to improve their conversion rates, business development, and paid acquisition strategies. Julian also created Velocity, an animation engine that WhatsApp, Uber, and Samsung used. His LinkedIn feed covers topics like writing skills development.

Moiz Ali

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6,070 followers – Active Investor in over 50 StartupsStartups and Founder at Native.
Moiz has led several profitable businesses, including Native (acquired by P&G) and Caskers, with his serial entrepreneurship. As a graduate of Harvard Law School, he often shares his insight in publications like The New York Times, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal. Moiz’s LinkedIn profile highlights the importance of customer-centric social media, e-commerce tips, and referral marketing while analyzing new market avenues.

Diego Oquendo

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7,873 followers – Performance Marketing Manager at Catalyst Consulting
Diego began as a curious marketer, seeking out knowledge about B2B marketing. However, he has now established himself as one to watch because his approaches challenge archaic marketing strategies. Diego applies his modern marketing approach to social media ad accounts for global B2B SaaS companies like Apex Officer and His LinkedIn feed is bold, fueled by compelling arguments, day-to-day B2B insights, and data-backed marketing practices that can help skyrocket modern-day businesses.

Stacey Danheiser

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8,738 followers – Chief Growth Strategist at SHAKE Marketing
Stacey Danheiser has been a revolutionary strategist with over 20 years of experience as a 5 x Fortune 500 marketing leader. She has helped hundreds of B2B marketing leaders align customer value with company goals for cohesive, thorough marketing strategies focusing on simplified value messaging and content. In addition to her value propositions, she is a marketing coach and community leader at Soar Marketing. Her LinkedIn feed is focused on fusing sales and marketing to elevate impact and critical thinking.

Michelle Ngome

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7,482 followers – Founder of African American Marketing Association and Recruitment Marketing Manager and KIPP Texas Public Schools
Michelle is an award-winning marketing consultant with a powerful voice in diversity marketing. Her personal brand defines her creative approach entirely, as she focuses on inclusive marketing strategies using auditing, training, and consulting. Michelle has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, American Express, and The Wall Street Journal for her expansive marketing tactics. On LinkedIn, she shares and reposts a wealth of information on company culture, communication, and content creation. She also created her own DEI card game, Be Inclusive, that helps teams gauge the importance of equity.

Brian Halligan

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47,497 followers – Co-Founder of HubSpot and Propeller
Everyone in the social media world has heard of HubSpot, a modern resource to help companies stay up-to-date with marketing practices. Brian coined "inbound marketing" and built a movement alongside his HubSpot partner, Dharmesh Shah, to promote the concept. He has also authored multiple exploratory marketing books while holding the title of Glassdoor's annual top CEO and one of the Top 5 Best CEOs for Women and Diversity. His LinkedIn feed gives an exclusive peak into the world of marketing executives, AI developments, and new solutions to propel marketing.

Aleyda Solis

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60, 758 followers – Founder and International SEO Consultant at Orainti
As the leader of results-driven, boutique SEO consultancy Orainti, Aleyda is an expert in helping brands establish high organic ranks and achieve their search goals. She has been listed as one of Forbes' top 10 Digital Marketing Specialists and Online Marketing influencers to follow. With Orainti, she had the opportunity to work hands-on with several high-growth startups and established brands, highlighting the importance of SEO in digital marketing. Her LinkedIn is a digital resource for marketers and decision-makers who want to understand SEO execution, how to supercharge it, and what future prospects within the field hold.

Ann Smarty

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13,493 followers – Founder of Viral Content Bee, CEO at, and Community/ Brand Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas.
Ann's career has humble roots, as she started as an SEO blogger for various websites. Over time, her expertise of over 15 years in blogging, keyword research, link building, and online marketing has made her an asset for various marketers. Although her specialty lies in celebrity management, e-commerce, and entertainment, her LinkedIn posts share a plethora of quick tips on generating ideas, leveraging email marketing, and building a brand through content.

Marisa Lather

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13,576 followers – Director of Marketing and Communications at Bridge Partners
As one of LinkedIn's Top Marketing and Advertising Voices, Marisa Lather has a unique data and aesthetics-driven approach to developing brand experiences. She works with one of the world's leading cloud companies, Bridge Partners, covering content creation, engagement, omnichannel campaign management, and inbound marketing with a focus on revenue generation. Marisa also speaks at various conferences and holds board positions in the American Marketing Association, Social Media Club, and ALIVE Influencer Network. Her LinkedIn is a creative blend of curated articles that dive into sustainability, technology, influencer management, the metaverse, and personalized marketing approaches. Marisa also shares various articles aimed at helping content creators get the most out of their creative endeavors.

Nausheen Chen

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39,321 followers – Public Speaking Coach
Top LinkedIn public Speaking voice, Nausheen Chen, has been instrumental in working through algorithmic changes by harnessing the power of speaking. She has helped leaders like IBM, Walmart, SAP, and Amazon channel their inner voice more effectively for lead generation, crowdfunding, promotions, and other growth opportunities. She has also been highlighted multiple times by LinkedIn's Video Spotlight, spoken in 3 TEDxTalks, and worked as a marketer for P&G. Her LinkedIn posts are inspirational as they encourage followers to build their presence and credibility while moving towards a growth mindset.

Jerry Jose

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32,158 followers – Digital Marketing Lead at ZS.
LinkedIn Digital Marketing Specialist Jerry Jose lets his heart lead the way as his success is propelled by his passion for digital marketing and connecting with other people. His expertise lies in lead generation, branding, ad optimization, organic growth, funnel marketing, and leadership management. Jerry's approach highlights the importance of constant interaction and networking, as his LinkedIn is filled with bite-sized growth tips and actionable branding advice. He's also written multiple eBooks to help marketers optimize their personal branding and social media.

Nemanja Zivkovic

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27,399 followers – Founder and Strategist at Funky Marketing
The most innovative and inspiring marketers are willing to go beyond preconceived notions. Nemanja Zivkovic established Funky Marketing to make this a reality. He aimed to redefine B2B marketing through constant rethinking, refocusing, and reinvigorating strategies. With over a decade's experience in revenue-focused marketing, Nemanja's LinkedIn keeps it fresh by conveying his exclusive take on marketing through thought-compelling posts.

Robert Rose

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29,655 followers – Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory
Robert Rose tends to take the marketing world by storm with his disruptive, loud marketing approach. He has over 20 years of strategizing experience and has helped build interactive teams that optimize global brands. He currently explores explosive content, paid media, and customer-integrated marketing approaches at The Content Advisory. Robert's LinkedIn is just as engrossing as his approach to marketing, with gripping articles and posts that leave marketers stimulated and ready for growth.

Sydni Craig Hart

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15,958 followers – CEO of Smart Simple Marketing
Sydni Craig Hart is an inclusive marketing expert who works alongside product designers and other marketers. Her goal is to genuinely connect and strengthen relationships between such marketing professionals and small, minority, or women-owned businesses. Her LinkedIn feed focuses on building such loyalty by exploring the complexities of different demographics. Because of her expertise in teaching, she is an excellent resource for identifying messaging mistakes, supporting other businesses, and impacting marketing and growth, regardless of your niche.

Nik Sharma

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38, 456 followers – CEO of Sharma Brands and Co-Founder of HOOX and Character.
Nik’s colorful LinkedIn profile mirrors his creative marketing tactics. He is already part of Forbes’ 30 Under 30, AdWeek’s Young and Influential, and Business Insider's Investors to Watch lists as an advisor to multiple, fast-growing brands. His clients include Feastables and Jim Beam Whiskey, for whom he helps build digital experiences and eye-catching content that brings in sales. His ideals drive Nik's LinkedIn feed as it is packed with hilarious memes, behind-the-scenes snippets, and several articles on growth and attention hacking. He also has a weekly DTC newsletter that covers a snippet of how he runs Sharma Brands.

Emily Kramer

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21, 935 followers – Co-Founder of MKT1 and Board Member at Empower Work
Emily is a startup pro with experience building and leading Ticketfly, Astro, and Asana marketing teams. Her expertise lies in encouraging high growth across B2B companies through investments, counseling, and the development of their marketing professionals. Emily's LinkedIn leverages visuals to deliver impactful messages and share the insider marketing scoop through uncomplicated, easy-on-the-eye posts. She also loves to tell it as it is, exposing loopholes in various marketing tools and products.

Neil Patel

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535,304 followers – Co-Founder at Neil Patel Digital
Neil Patel is a marketing veteran who took the industry by storm with influential content and tools that help other professionals worldwide. He is a New York Times bestselling author, a Wall Street Journal Top Influencer, and a Forbes Top 10 Marketer. Neil has also been recognized as a leading entrepreneur by President Obama and the United Nations because of his marketing contributions to Amazon, Airbnb, NBC, General Motors, and Microsoft. His marketing blog, YouTube channel, and social media pages generate millions of monthly views. If you are seeking high-profile content marketing and optimization tips, Neil's LinkedIn page is an excellent place to get started, as his articles and free downloads share his unique trade secrets.

Bernie Borges

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11,311 followers – Advisory Board Member at Digital Marketing USF and Vice President of Global Content Marketing at iQor.
Bernie is an acclaimed B2B marketer with many achievements, including a slew of tech ventures across the USA. With over 30 years of marketing experience under his belt, he has authored Marketing 2.0 ( a popular social media strategy book) and continues to host his podcast on career fulfillment. Through his role at iQor, he serves multiple brands and helps them deliver omnichannel content marketing that generates conversions. His LinkedIn comprises opinionated reshares, video resources, and articles about contemporary marketing insights.

Heidi Cohen

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11,638 followers – Chief Marketing Officer at Actionable Marketing Guide and President of Riverside Marketing Strategies.
Heidi Cohen is all about helping brands discover their voice and converting it into actionable insight for content creation. She began her career as a journalist to understand how media works from the inside out. Her expertise includes direct, social media, content, multi-channel, and content marketing. Heidi is also a professor at NYU, teaching and creating various graduate courses in advanced marketing tactics. Her various initiatives landed her the Top Global Digital, Content, and Social Media Marketing Influencer award while working with Fortune 100, SME, and private equity firms. Her LinkedIn feed reflects this expertise as she often raises questions about existing practices while sharing her tried-and-tested secrets to marketing success.

Carla Johnson

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13,630 followers – Innovation Architect at RE:Think Labs
Carla Johnson is a globally renowned keynote speaker and author. She specializes in B2B content marketing and customer-driven innovation techniques, working with leading brands like Western Union, Emerson, Intel, Amazon, and 3M. Her brainchild RE:Think Labs has helped various organizations restricted due to traditional marketing approaches by overhauling them using her frameworks. These models prioritize internal culture that accelerates innovation and growth. Her LinkedIn profile serves as an extension to her books as she shares various blog articles, personal views, and thought-provoking visuals that center on audience behavior and marketing potential.

Jon Morrow

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2,876 followers – CEO at Smart Blogger
Despite his physical disability that has stolen his ability to move entirely, Jon uses a microphone and speech recognition software to become one of the most successful marketers in the world. What began as a blog, SmartBlogger, branched off into an online teaching platform as shared his expertise in online marketing, viral content, writing, and social media. Like his blog, Morrow's LinkedIn profile should not be overlooked as it includes a broad directory of tips and tricks to optimize your online presence.

Jay Baer

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45,024 followers – Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker
Jay Baer is a famed keynote speaker, author, and entrepreneur. His expertise in marketing and customer experience makes him one of the top marketers to follow on LinkedIn if you're interested in viral content that delivers results. Jay also shares valuable insights on social media and content marketing, following his motto, "Turn customers into more customers" through retention and engagement. He also shares advice and hands-on strategies to help businesses grow through marketing.

Donna Moritz

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6,033 followers – Visual Content Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna Moritz is a veteran marketer who has contributed actively to the industry since 2000. She shifted her niche from traditional marketing to digital marketing, social media, and content creation because of her visual storytelling and strategy development expertise. Socially Sorted, her blog is an excellent resource with tips and tricks for marketers, but you can also find her articles on Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Forbes. Donna is also a trainer specializing in tourism, SMEs, and tech businesses. Her LinkedIn profile is among top-ranking experts and offers a ton of information about Canva, digital design, and tips to boost engagement through content.

Gary Vaynerchuk

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5 million + followers – Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, and Creator at VeeFriends.
Gary Vaynerchuk is an infamous marketer who began his journey in the world of marketing at a very young age. He was a pioneer in digital marketing, with his YouTube channel kickstarting his influential career. He currently runs a contemporary creative agency, VaynerMedia, and a communications initiative called VaynerX, which handles everything from video production and influencer marketing to media planning. Gary has worked with Chase, Unilever, Toyota, and PepsiCo. His LinkedIn profile is among the Top Marketers on the platform and includes interactive insights like videos, articles, and reshares focused on business updates, investment tips, and digital communications.

Mark Fidelman

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34,298 followers – Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at Smartblocks Defi, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Fanatics Media.
Mark Fidelman is a global marketing executive helping Fortune 1000 firms achieve their revenue targets by leveraging editorial content, audience intelligence, and ads. He is also a chart-topping author and hosts a CX Factor business show. Mark might be a marketing specialist, but his expertise spans well beyond blockchain, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and more. He is known for building branding equity through analytics, audience mapping, and predictive modeling, which you can learn about on his LinkedIn profile.

John Cutler

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80,230 followers – Senior Director and Product Enablement at Toast
John Cutler has worked with big names like Nickelodeon, AppFolio, and Zendesk, specializing in Product-led growth. His current position lets him explore a more product-centered marketing approach involving development and management. John's LinkedIn discusses productivity, design, team management, and managerial mechanisms to achieve marketing efficiency. He also has a weekly newsletter, "The Beautiful Mess," with additional resources.

Michael Barber

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5,497 followers – Vice President Marketing at Charter School Capital.
Michael Barker has worked in various marketing settings, from agencies to MNCs like Johnson & Johnson. He is known for his ability to build world-class teams that create enjoyable and unforgettable customer experiences. He's also a very entertaining keynote speaker who instantly connects with his followers. On LinkedIn, Michael shares his thoughts on creating customer-first marketing campaigns that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Mayur Gupta

notion image
52,673 followers – Chief Marketing Officer at Kraken Digital Asset Exchange.
Mayur Gupta has a distinct skillset as an engineer turned marketer. Leveraging his data science expertise and brand marketing excellence for growth hacking and creative storytelling, he has worked for companies like Spotify, Kimberly Clark, and Freshly. Mayur is also recognized as a Forbes Top 50 CMO for creating captivating strategies that simultaneously empower people with financial freedom. His LinkedIn profile is a go-to for marketers looking to grasp the science behind B2B and B2C marketing and how to transfer this information into big wins.

Kim Garst

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24,062 followers – Author and Keynote Speaker
Kim Garst considers herself a small-town girl who discovered the endless world of opportunities through marketing. She is a globally acclaimed keynote speaker, digital marketing expert, and entrepreneur featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and other publications. Kim's LinkedIn is an excellent resource to learn more about social media marketing, influencer relations, and branding strategy, with a mission to train businesses on using AI effectively for content creation.

Larry Kim

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88,910 followers – Founder at
Larry Kim is a digital marketing influencer and coach concentrating on sales outreach and automation for B2C businesses. In addition to his innovative marketing platforms, he is a popular Medium and HubSpot contributor who regularly shares articles on marketing with a specialization in Ad words and startups. Larry has also been awarded Search Engine Land's Marketer of the Year and regularly lectures at Harvard MBA, MIT, and Boston University. He is considered an SEO influencer with expertise in social media advertising. His LinkedIn profile is an excellent source to learn about his business success approaches, marketing secrets, and leveraging AI for customized message generation.

Jeff Sheehan

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26,553 followers – Product Visionary and Brand Ambassador at ChatBridge, Marketing Coach at Sheehan Marketing Strategies.
Jeff Sheehan is a viral marketing expert among today's top influencers and thought leaders. He has held positions at major corporations like IBM, Apple, and Intel, with a keen interest in technology. Sheehan specializes in various fields, including business growth, social media marketing, and contract negotiations. In addition to being an in-demand author and speaker, he is a genuine connector, as his LinkedIn profile covers everything from traditional marketing approaches to the latest technological innovations like GPT-3.

Liz Ryan

notion image
2 million + followers - Founder and CEO of Human Workplace
Liz Ryan, CEO and founder of the Human Workplace challenges businesses to transform their initiatives by focusing on their employees. Liz suggests using marketing and HR practices to build cultures where talented people want to work. She is also a keynote speaker about consulting, shifting to an entrepreneurial mindset, and leveraging social media for best workplace practices.

Matt Bailey

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22,088 followers – Digital Marketing Instructor and Designer at New Media Academy and SiteLogic Marketing.
Matt Bailey is known for turning data into actionable insights to help complex teams discover stories and use communication to write the following chapters. Matt consults for leading companies like IBM, Google, and Microsoft, helping their leaders maximize their digital presence and reach. His humorous edge on LinkedIn makes it easier to understand complex ideas. He is an expert in determining what strategies are successful based on strategies backed by numbers.

Jennifer Gutman

notion image
4,186 followers – Director of Customer Marketing at Oktopost
Jennifer believes wholeheartedly that social media is a tool that can be used for more than sales and business. She suggests using these platforms to find human connections, explore great ideas, and build communities that take on a deeper meaning. Jennifer's LinkedIn is radically transparent and shares tools and tips on B2B marketing. She advocates social listening and even hosts her podcast, adding to her LinkedIn insights.

Marsha Collier

notion image
12,481 followers – President at the Collier Company
Marsha has reached the pinnacle of success in everything she pursues. As the author of 40 books in the "For Dummies" series, she primarily educates her readers about eCommerce, eBay best practices, and social media marketing. Her expertise lies in breaking down complex ideas to communicate them to a broad audience. Marsha's LinkedIn profile is a central hub for industry leaders as they discuss and debate social media strategies, customer service, and emerging technologies because of her constant stream of engaging videos and posts.

Bryan Eisenberg

notion image
144,799 followers – Vice President at
Bryan is an award-winning author and blogger recognized for his direct marketing, advertising, and business development expertise. With over 25 years of experience helping businesses reach their true potential, he has a lot of valuable insight to share on entrepreneurship and marketing. He's also an advisor to Slightly, a video marketing platform that has remained current through the test of time. Bryan's LinkedIn profile has content that helps businesses and owners optimize their blog and marketing conversions to increase sales.

Vartika Kashyap

notion image
412,300 followers – Chief Marketing Officer at ProofHub
Vartika is a marketing professional who can help you discover new communication mediums to reach the right audience for your business. Her LinkedIn is packed with marketing strategies that are both eye-catching and profitable. She leverages the power of marketing insights and storytelling to share valuable lessons on leadership, work culture, productivity, and more. Vartika has also been published in The Huffington Post and YourStory.


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